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Help - iPhone® portal
1 Logging in
From your iPhone®, browse to the same web address as you normally use for the club

Log in with the same email address and password as you use for the regular site.

If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve by visiting the regular site from your computer.

2 Home page
From here you can access your gallery, upcoming and recent fixtures (if you have those yet in the current season) and list of players for your squad.

There is also a drop down to change squads if you want to look at another one of your club's teams.

3 Gallery
See any photos that have been added to your club's gallery
4 Upcoming fixtures
All fixtures that are coming up, in date order, this season.

Any fixtures you have been selected for have an asterisk next to them.

5 Recent fixtures
All past fixtures, in reverse date order, this season.

Any fixtures you were selected for have an asterisk next to them.

If the result has been added, you will see that alongside. The result is colour-coded and your score is first and bolder.

6 Fixture details
The details of the upcoming fixture including the date and time and the players selected to play.

The venue's contact information and address is displayed below.

7 Players
List of players in your squad.
8 Player Details
The player's basic details are displayed including contact details.

Clicking on the player's email will start and email to them and they can be called and/or texted directly from here too.